FAQ Stock Alert formula App   

Whenever an alert is triggered, you should be notified.
Click the button to check if your device can receive notifications from this app.

If everything is alright:

  • You should hear the sound that you have defined for notifications on your device (you can change the settings from the device -> Sound -> Default Sound notification).
  • If your device has a vibrator, device should also vibrate.
  • If you have an LED, this also should turn on.

If you get no notifications verify that this app has permission to send notifications (Device Preferences -> Apps -> Stock Alert -> Show notifications has to be checked).

  • Simple: You can choose between 9 types of predefined alerts
  • Complete: Using a form you can define 6 parameters
  • Formula: Edit your own formula based on the indicators calculated by the APP
  • You can choose between 9 types of pre-defined alerts

    • When a stock rises to a price that you determine
    • When a stock falls to a price that you determine
    • When the contracting volume is double its average volume of the last 3 months
    • When a stock reaches its highest in the last year
    • When a stock reaches the lowest for the last yea
    • When a stock is rising 3% in the current session
    • When a stock is down 3% in the current session
    • When the RSI 14 of a stock falls below 30 (Oversold)
    • When the RSI 14 of a stock exceeds 70 (overbought)

    Using a form you can define:

    • The color of the alert
    • The time until which it can occur
    • Which of the variables
    • What operation
    • What multiplier
    • What value
    For example::
    • Notify me when the stock is at 10% of the annual maximum
    • Let me know when the current price exceeds MMS 50 (Simple Mobile Average of 50 days)
    • Notify me when MMS 20 exceeds MMS 50

    Using a graphic editor that allows you to choose between the stock and the indicator you want:

    • You can invent your own formula based on the indicators calculated by the APP
    • You can create a formula that takes into account more than one stock
    When you're done, validate that the formula is correct and give it a name

    For example::
    • Let me know when the price of share A and the price of share B are over 30%
    • Let me know when Apple's rise plus Nasdaq's rise exceeds 5%

    As of Android 10, each formula and each stock has its own channel that you can configure as follows:

    As of Android 10, each formula and each stock has its own channel, if you want your own sound you can try this "trick"

    This App has a preset lists of the main shares from the different markets.
    These shares are subject to change over time and the onw you're looking for can not be in the list..
    As you type in the search box, the App is filtering the content you're writing with tickers and company names on the list. If you get twice a result is because it is found on both columns.

    If the market where the stock you want is not there, or the stock you want is not on the list, it does not matter, just write the search field the name of the stock you want (the ticker or company name) and click on the magnifying glass to search.

    The App will do a search on Yahoo Finance and you will get a list.

    Stocks Market from Mercado Continuo, finishes with .MC, for example the ticker Grifols is GRF.MC

    If you still can not find what Ticker corresponds to the stock you want access to: http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=GRF.MC and search for symbol on the little box stating "Enter Symbol", some shares are traded in different markets, remember to choose the share that is listed on the market that interests you.
    When you've found what you're looking for, enter it on the search box.

    Absolutely !! The ticker of the most international indexes begins with ^

    For example:
    • IBEX 35 is ^IBEX
    • S&P 500 is ^GSPC
    • Nasdaq 100 is ^NDX

    Some other indices do not take ^ at the beginning, for example:
    • FTSE MIB from Milan is FTSEMIB.MI
    • PSI 20 from Lisbon is PSI20.LS

    You can search indexes in the same way that we have indicated in the previous section.

    When the price of a share and the percentage change indicate N/A means that the app can not get the price of that symbol. Search again and check if the symbol has changed, or has ceased trading

    You can send an email to milhomens.apps@gmail.com indicating the name of the market and if you know, a website where updated symbols and names of the companies can be found.

    Your alerts are checked by the device every X minutes (depending on the preferences you have set) and depending on whether you have WI-FI or not at the time of checking (so you can set the preferences).
    If you were not viewing the App you will receive a notification.